23 Game-Changing Sims 4 Save Files for Ultimate Fun (Download Today!)

Are you looking for something to add variety to your Sims 4 game?

A good Sims 4 save file can really help with that by adding new incredible builds, new characters, and new stories to your game!

sims 4 save files

The save file is basically the whole world around your Sims, and, of course, every Simmer wants it perfect! 😍 The right atmosphere can really set the tone and make your game more immersive.

Sure, you can play with the default save file, but let’s be honest—it looks empty and gets boring quite fast. Empty public lots, badly designed house layouts, and dull families are what you start with…

Or, you can invest some time and create the world you have actually been dreaming of! But we all know HOW INSANELY MUCH time it takes! And I’m not even mentioning that you take away that discovery phase since it’s been YOU creating everything from the very scratch.

There is another solution, though – you can use a ready-made save file and save yourself a lot of time! That’s what I’ve been focusing on for this post!

I’ve found some of the best, most detailed save files for any play style you want!

If you love cozy family gameplay (which I know many of us do!), I’ve got saves where all the different worlds are revamped with heartwarming stories for each character. Your Sim will find their dream home, favorite coffee shop, and loyal friends in no time!

I am also well aware that many of us love playing in medieval settings. Folks, I take my hat off to you because I know how hard it is to turn Sims worlds into medieval settlements! That’s why I’ve selected the best medieval saves where all lots and characters look perfectly appropriate.

And for quest and puzzle lovers, there are some great options on this list, too! Good luck solving those mysteries!

A good save file can really change your game, so I’ve picked the best ones with care and can’t wait to share them with you!

This post is about the best Sims 4 save files.

1. SimLicy Save 2.0 by SimLicy

sims 4 save file for everyone

This save is a real classic among players, and it totally deserves it! Most cities are completely rebuilt, and the families are edited—no more weird NPCs or half-empty areas. Finally!

Trust me, playing this classic Sims 4 save file is a blast!

2. Medieval Windenburg by Gametastisch

sims 4 medieval save file

I know lots of us players try to create a medieval vibe in their game. This save is a great option for you! You will probably agree that Windenburg fits best into the medieval atmosphere, so this save focuses on it.

What’s great is that the file is constantly updated. There’s even a jeweler with a Crystal Creations catalog now—a charming and important detail!

3. Ratsave 1.2 by Ratboysims

sims 4 save file no cc

I love this Sims 4 save file for all the little details!

For example, all family members in Willow Creek have their own story in the description. It really spices up the game! Plus, there’s no CC content, yet the plots and families are still amazing. Overall, I totally recommend this save!

4. Simsie Save Version 10 by LilSimsie

sims 4 save file simsie

Oh my God, this save is incredible! Every community lot is renovated, new lots are added to empty spots, and there are new premade Sims families with skills, careers, and relationships.

I’m excited that it changes core areas of the game without replacing them. This way, your save won’t be overloaded, and even less powerful computers can handle it.

5. The Disney Save by Tomi Lyn

sims 4 save file disney

Who else loves Disney fairy tales as much as I do? This Sims 4 save file is perfect for us!

You’ll find 20 themed areas, 18 Disney characters with suggested skills and jobs, and 11 city residents created in the Disney style just for your game.

Only Willow Creek has been rebuilt, but with so many interesting details and characters, you’ll definitely have plenty to do there!

6. Uberhood: Sims 4 Save File by Another Plumbob

sims 4 save file cc free

This save takes us back to The Sims 2 with all its drama! Seven residential worlds, one recreation world, and all quarry sites have been redone. The new townies from The Sims 2 even have feelings!

It’s full of attention to detail and complete immersion in the story. This sweet, touching save will bring you tons of warm, nostalgic emotions!

7. Story of a Stardew Moon: Sims 4 Save File & Challenge by Tai

sims 4 save file location

I have to admit, themed saves are my weakness! This isn’t just a save file; it’s a real Harvest Moon-inspired challenge. It’s perfect for anyone losing interest in The Sims 4 because it offers a whole new gaming experience.

To complete this challenge, you only need the base game worlds, Seasons, and Cottage Living expansion packs, plus some pre-made families and rules.

It’s amazing how many ideas can be brought into The Sims 4, and I’m excited to share this gem with you!

8. Lostinsophie Save Version 2.0 by Lostinsophie

sims 4 save file all worlds

I’m soooo glad I found this amazing save! All the worlds are redone, including Horse Ranch, so it’s updated regularly. Classic families are updated, and new ones are added.

I checked this Sims 4 save file out in detail and fell in love with the repurposed lots. For me, they perfectly capture the atmosphere without overloading the game. If I would be able to build like that, I’d definitely create something similar!

9. Blank Save by SrslySims

sims 4 save file blank save

They say the best ideas are simple, and sometimes, all you need for happy Simming is an empty Sims 4 save file.

For many Sims construction fans, this is a real gem!

Newcrest alone isn’t enough to realize all your ideas, right? This file is also perfect for those who want full control over their builds. Order lovers, this one’s for you!

10. MSR Sims 4 Save File 1.0 by MissSimReno

sims 4 save file all worlds

You’re going to love this Sims 4 save file! The lots are beautiful and well-planned, and while not all areas have custom lots yet, it’s just a matter of time. Almost every world has a starter house for your Sims to begin their adventures.

The townspeople here are lively and inclusive, each with their own history and drama. I love these well-written characters because they make for great neighbors, friends, and romantic partners for my Sims.

I highly recommend trying out this vibrant world!

11. Sims 2 in Sims 4 – All Worlds Savefile by

sims 4 save file sims 2

Sometimes, it’s so nice to dive into childhood memories. For many of us, The Sims 2 brings back those carefree times when our biggest worry was a math exam 😇

This Sims 4 save file will take you back in time! It has over 200 Sims and 200 houses from The Sims 2. Plus, you only need the base game and the Get to Work expansion pack. Perfect!

12. More Drama Please by Jane466

sims 4 save files tumblr

I’m positive that we all know that feeling of boredom in The Sims. You’ve done everything, visited all the cool spots, and even started a family. It seems like nothing can surprise you anymore… but this Sims 4 save file will!

Is your Sim new in town and looking for friends? Check out the wide range of interest clubs in this save!

Want more drama? Many families here have secrets—love, betrayal, quarrels. Will they deal with these skeletons in the closet, or will they need your help? It’s up to you!

13. Mega Collab Sims 4 Save File of 2022 by SIMplee Tierra

sims 4 save file barbie

This Sims 4 save file is amazing! Each remade world has its own unique style. Whether you love Barbie or Steampunk, you’ll find both here! Some buildings are so detailed that I can’t believe they exist!

Honestly, my personal favorite is Windenburg. I’d take my Sims there on Christmas Eve to live in one of the gingerbread houses, and they’d be so happy!

14. Fantasy Sims 4 Save File v. 8.0 by Eryn With a Y

sims 4 save file fantasy

Finding a good fantasy save can be tough. That’s why I’m so excited to share this magical Sims 4 save file with you! Majestic castles, Gothic mansions with vampires, and even a house shaped like a genie’s lamp—it’s all here.

And gosh, the locals are amazing! Vlad and his new family are just the start. Your occult characters will have plenty to do and lots of people to hang out with!

I have a bunch of posts about the best CC for occult Sims, so just search for whoever you are playing with. And here’s a general collection of my favorite Sims 4 fantasy cc: 41+ Most-Wanted Sims 4 Fantasy CC (Maxis Match & Updated).

15. Not So Strangerville Sims 4 Save File by Suppjason

Sims 4 save file Strangerville

And now, let’s talk about a really useful save file. This one wipes out all the Strangerville weirdness, as you’ve already solved its mystery. I’ve never understood why you can’t just skip the odd stuff without finishing the quest.

Sometimes, you just want Strangerville to be a normal town where you can live or visit without any conspiracy theories. This save is perfect for that and a must-have for every Simmer!

16. Ultimate Sims 4 Save File by PlumbobKingdom

sims 4 save files no cc

I’m sure you’ve noticed how imperfect the Sims worlds can be. It’s not just about the half-empty buildings, which are easy to fix, but also what’s outside the playable lots.

The environment shapes the atmosphere, especially when your Sim walks home from work along a crooked path without trees or benches. Or think about the lifeless corridors in the San Myshuno apartments. A little grooming and aesthetics would be nice, don’t you think?

This Sims 4 save file improves Sims worlds using the T.O.O.L. mod by Twisted Mexi. You don’t need any mods to use it, but you’ll definitely see the difference! Most lots have been repaired, and more are being added.

This save solves all the problems that make me personally download ready-made saves. Check it out!

17. Dead End Sims 4 Saved File by Florwalsims

sims 4 save file dead end

I can’t even tell you how much I love themed saves! I’m also a huge fan of zombie apocalypse movies and recently watched a Fallout-based TV series. Now, I just must play this save and recommend it to you!

Imagine a world where a deadly disease has wiped out everyone except your Sim after 16 years. It’s real survival, not the usual family gameplay—a real breath of fresh air!

You’ll need some mods for this save, but it’s totally worth it!

18. Sims 4 Save File for Decades Challenge by Antiquated Plumbobs

sims 4 save file decades challenge

Are any of you taking the History Challenge? This save turns Brindleton Bay into 1890s England, and it looks amazing!

This Sims 4 save file includes eight new residential lots, seven new community lots, and six new households. I love how well this idea was executed—the houses look so believable! It’s just lovely!

19. San Myshuno 2.0 Sims 4 Save File by Galaxysuede

sims 4 save file san myshuno

I love San Myshuno and play there all the time! But The Sims 4 really needs more big cities. The few apartments we have are getting boring. So, until we get a new metro town, we’ll have to update San Myshuno ourselves.

This save completely rebuilds San Myshuno without using any custom content. You’ll find 7 public lots, updated citizens, and 12 new families with careers, skills, and their own lifestyles.

Now, finally, I can enjoy apartment life again! Join me!

20. Dizzy Isy Sims 4 Save File v.6 by Isleroux

sims 4 save file download

This save is really heartfelt! I love how the Sims look here—so colorful and cozy! And I was so amazed seeing the original families from Sequoia were changed just how I imagined them!

There are plenty of empty homes for every budget: starter homes, homes up to 100k, up to 120k, and vacant apartments.

I think this Sims 4 save file is perfect for anyone who wants to just jump in, create their Sims, and enjoy detailed worlds!

21. MiraRae Royal Starter Save by MiraRae

sims 4 save file royal save

Are you ready for a surprise? I found a royal save with a rich history! The families have detailed descriptions to help you dive into the plot and uncover the secrets of the local monarchy.

This Sims 4 save file includes 7 royal families, 10 noble families, and 8 ordinary families. It’ll add so much variety to your own gameplay, I have absolutely no doubts about that!

The fate of the 7 kingdoms is in your hands—how cool is that?

And if you’d like to add some royal cc to your new save file, here’s what I can recommend: 21+ Luxy Sims 4 Royal Furniture CC Packs Fit for a Monarch.

22. Silent Pines V.1 Sims 4 Save File by Cosmoo Sims

sims 4 sale file silent pines

I’m sure you’ve heard of Life is Strange, at least briefly. You know how it has that charming yet mystical atmosphere. Want to bring that vibe to The Sims 4?

This save offers a completely rebuilt Willow Creek, 18 families with history and drama, and a mystery to solve! I’m already hooked! Don’t worry, there are plenty of tips, so the gameplay won’t be too hard. It’s cool and important to me – I don’t enjoy getting stuck too much.

23. Tales of Yore: Sims 4 Save Game File by Divan the Simmer

sims 4 save file Tales of Yore

I can’t believe this Sims 4 save file even exists! Each world is unique and authentic, especially the buildings. It feels like Windenburg was made just for this save file and not the other way around!

The families are also incredible. I love House Okeanos, House Landgraab, and House of the Llama. Their looks, history, and family dynamics are amazing.

This Sims 4 save file is definitely a game-changer!

And here it is—my favorite save files that every simmer needs! Found any new Sims 4 save files you’re excited to try? I hope you’re feeling inspired and have picked some for your saves folder.

Creating these amazing save files must have been a ton of hard work. Huge thanks to all the incredible creators who spent so much time making these worlds and scenarios. The Sims community is the best!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 save files.

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