33 Sweetest Sims 4 Infant Poses That Will Make You Go Aww

Upset with how few poses there are for photos in the game, especially for little infants?

Don’t worry! This post has perfect Sims 4 infant poses for your screenshots, in-game photos, and story poses for roleplaying!

sims 4 infant poses

I’m totally fascinated by children’s photos since genetics in The Sims 4 is so unpredictable! I can’t stop taking screenshots of my Sims at every life stage (especially the infant life stage!), and then I spend hours looking at them 😍 Can you relate?

However, I feel the poses available for Sims infants in the game are extremely limited! That’s why I’ve decided to make a list of the best Sims 4 infant poses.

This list includes lots of different poses for screenshots and in-game photos: single poses for infants, family photos, sibling poses, pet poses, and themed ones!

For those of you who are storytellers, many of these poses will add depth to your game: baby’s first steps, first vacation, meeting grandparents, stroller walks, and more.

And to make your photos even more compelling, don’t forget to download some cute infant clothes for your baby (35 New Sims 4 Infant CC to Melt Hearts (Cutest Clothes, Shoes & Accessories)) and set up your baby’s nursery (33+ Cute Sims 4 Infant Furniture CC for the Perfect Nursery)—because every story starts somewhere!

And now, ready to dive into the poses? Let’s go!

This post is all about the best Sims 4 infant poses.

1. Acha Sims 4 Infants Poses #1 (Single) by Acha_Sims

Single infants poses

These Sims 4 infant poses are adorable! Perfect for your baby’s first days.

The cute pillow gives great support and looks super realistic. It’s ideal for your first home photo shoot!

2. My Little World Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simmireen

My little world infant poses

These father and infant Sim poses have stolen my heart! So tender and loving! I’m thrilled!

And the pose where they’re both sleeping? I can totally imagine my parent Sim sneaking in to snap a little keepsake photo 🥰

3. Morning, Baby (Pack of Sims 4 Infant Poses) by StarrySimsie

Morning, Baby Infant Version pose

These poses capture a perfect morning with your newborn baby! Sure, there might have been a sleepless night and dirty diapers, but none of that matters now. Every morning with your baby is magical!

These poses are great for anyone who loves to screenshot their Sims’ special moments.

4. Baby’s First Steps and Baby Hugs (Sims 4 Infant Poses) by HerecirmSims

Baby’s First Steps infants poses

Is there anything more important than your baby’s first steps? Maybe just loving hugs! These poses have both!

I love how realistic the hesitant first steps look 😍 Plus, the characters’ emotions are spot-on, which is awesome for plot stories.

5. Pumpkin Baby: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simmisstrait

Pumpkin Baby infants poses

You know what I love the most? Celebrating holidays in The Sims 4! Dressing up your Sims, cooking a big dinner, and taking lots of photos!

These cute baby poses are perfect for your baby’s first Halloween. Your little one will be so happy!

6. Newborn Bliss: Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack by Katverse

Newborn Bliss Pose Pack

While we’re talking about photo sessions, don’t forget family poses!

These magical poses by Katverse are love at first sight. They’re perfect for screenshots and in-game poses. Everyone needs shots like these!

7. First Love: Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack by Frxsk0

First Love Infant Pose Pack

I love dividing a baby’s growth into stages. First, dress them in onesies with a pacifier and short hair to look like a newborn. Then, as they grow, give them longer hair and put on a hoodie and pants. You get what I mean 🙂

These Sims 4 infant poses perfectly capture solo infants. The way they stretch their arms or pull their legs up is so realistic! These poses are really useful!

8. Baby’s Best Friend: Sims 4 Infant Poses by StarrySimsie

Baby's Best Friend Pose Pack

Just when you think this list can’t get any cuter, these Sims 4 infant poses surprise you!

I’ve tried them in my game, and they are gooooorgeous 🥰 My heir and our favorite dog now have a special family portrait on the living room wall. I totally recommend these poses!

9. Tiny One: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Miiiniature

Tiny One infants poses

These Sims 4 infant poses have totally stolen my heart! I love that they combine portrait photography with the baby in the parent’s arms. It’s so charming!

I can already picture the perfect photo shoot with the baby dressed as our favorite teddy bear! (Check it out at the beginning of the post, btw!)

10. Infant Insanity: Feeding Time Infant Posepack by Rebouks

Infant Insanity Feeding Time pose

Photos for memories are great, but let’s not forget action poses! I love it when poses show some kind of activity, often needing mods.

The game has a first-feeding animation, but it’s not very detailed. I’d definitely choose these feeding Sims 4 infant poses to show a family breakfast!

11. Infants: Sims 4 Infant Poses by SakuraLeon

sims 4 infant poses travel

These Sims 4 infant poses are perfect for the gallery and a must-have for any Simmer, especially if you publicly share your work often.

A beautiful picture will catch other players’ attention, just like these poses caught mine!

12. Little Love Sims 4 Infant Posepack by SimmErika

Little Love Infants Posepack

These poses are a must-have for new parents! There are Sims 4 infant poses with mom and dad, family shots, and even a sitting pose for park walks.

I love multifunctional poses! Give them a try!

13. Acha Sims 4 Infants Poses #2 (Pair) by Acha_Sims

sims 4 infant poses twins

Got Sim twins in your game? Awesome! Then these Sims 4 infant poses are perfect for you!

Playing with infants can be tough, but these adorable poses make it worth it. Just look how cute the babies are when they pause 😂

14. Mom’s Kisses: Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack by Sam’s Sims Pose Studio

sims 4 Mom's Kisses Pose Pack

There’s nothing purer than a mother’s love. Why not capture this for your Sims? It’s so nice to look at the photos and remember your own childhood!

Do you see those kisses? I couldn’t resist, and I bet you won’t either!

15. Baby’s First Time at the Beach Poses by T0nischwartz

sims 4 infant poses beach

It’s amazing to go on vacation with the whole family!

For infants, it’s a big adventure, and everything is new. These poses capture their first time at the beach with so many new emotions!

Don’t miss out on this unique baby experience. Add these Sims 4 infant poses to your mods folder!

16. My Infant Is So Cute: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simsulani

Pose Pack My Infant is so cute

Babies look so cute in their little beds! Even when they stand up demanding attention 😆

These nine fun infant poses are perfect for photos to send to grandparents. I don’t know why, but that’s what I think of! Maybe you’ll find other uses too?

By the way, these poses work great with play cots; no extra CC is needed!

17. Infant Clash: Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack by Introvard

sims 4 infant poses clash

Well, not all babies get along, especially siblings, right?

These Sims 4 infant poses capture those little quarrels. It’s normal, just make sure to separate them in time!

18. Overwhelmed Parent Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack by Katverse

Overwhelmed Parent Pose Pack

Taking care of young kids can be tough, especially for new moms. If you want to capture the ups and downs of family life for an adult Sim, these Sims 4 infant poses are perfect!

I love how realistic the mom’s emotions look, especially the pose where she falls asleep while feeding the baby Sim. There’s so much compassion in these everyday moments!

19. Not What I Expected: Sims 4 Infant Poses by SnarkySims

Not What I Expected Infant poses

If you liked the previous poses, check these out as well! They come from a great collaboration with lots of complex emotions.

There’s more drama here, and I love that! Every mom’s experience is different, so why not capture them all? These poses help you tell a very special story!

20. Infant Insanity: Kitty Kat by Rebouks

Infant Insanity Kitty Kat poses

I just had to include these poses! I think there’s nothing cuter than babies and pets interacting. Look closely, the cat is the same size as the baby!

I hope you and your Sims love this set of Sims 4 infant poses, too!

21. Poses for Family Portraits with Infants by Ti_Katharos

Family portraits with infants Posepack

You can never have too many family portraits, especially in dynasty style! These poses are perfect for families with twins. Highly recommend!

 22. Meeting Grandma Sims 4 Infant Pose Pack by StarrySimsie

Meeting Grandma Sims 4 Pose Pack

Guys, I think I’ve found the most touching poses!

I think oftentimes the game isn’t inclusive enough, so you need mods or poses for some situations, including extreme old age.

I love role-playing a baby meeting their grandparents, so these Sims 4 infant poses are a must-have for me.

23. Sims 4 Pair Poses by Toys of Dukeness

sims 4 infant poses family

I love these poses! They’re simple but feel so cozy and homely.

The characters’ emotions are beautifully captured, so pure and heartfelt. Perfect for family gameplay!

24. Out for a Stroll: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Whimsyalien

sims 4 infant poses stroller

Oh my God! These poses are great for three reasons: there’s a baby, a baby in a stroller, and the stroller looks just like the one from the third part!

The game really needs more strollers! I’m so glad I found these Sims 4 infant poses so that my Sims can enjoy a nice walk in the park with thier baby.

25. My First Snow: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simmisstrait

My First Snow Infant Pose Pack

I swear, I love winter, Christmas, and everything about it! Your first snow isn’t quite like your first steps, but it’s still super special!

Get your Sims to capture this sweet memory and take some screenshots!

26. Family Time: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Akuiyumi

Family Time Infant Poses Sims 4

Sibling relationships can be tough, but they always have each other’s back. This unique bond starts from the moment the second baby is born.

These Sims 4 infant poses capture that perfectly. The first meeting between siblings is just so heartwarming!

27. My Kids, My Life: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simsulani

Pose Pack My kids, my life

I love watching kids interact. They’re always so sincere and fun!

The babies, toddlers, and children in The Sims 4 are super cute, and you can’t help but watch them when they’re together! These poses will make any family holiday even better!

28. Sweet Baby Pose Pack by Lilalmondsim

Sweet baby Infant pose pack

I love this set of poses! It’s not tied to any specific event, so it’s great for playing with infants anytime.

My favorites are the bed poses. So cozy!

 29. Baby Fever II: Sims 4 Infant Posepack by TMV Creations

Baby Fever sims 4 infant poses

This list already has poses for meeting an elderly grandmother, but not all grandparents meet new family members for the first time when they’re old. These poses are specifically for that use case!

They capture this important family moment in detail, so they’re great for storytelling!

30. Sims 4 Infant Poses by Gunthermunch

sims 4 infant poses tumblr

I remember this set of poses coming out right after the Growing Together expansion. Honestly, the quick release didn’t hurt the quality at all!

These infant poses are classics—simple but perfect for beautiful photos. I used them at my infant’s birthday party and still love the screenshots!

31. Little Stroll: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simmireen

Little Stroll Sims 4 Infant Poses

It’s that simple: I see a baby stroller, and I add the poses to the list 😅

These Sims 4 infant poses caught my eye because both parents are on the walk, and the stroller looks super modern. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist such cuteness!

32. My Daddy: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Simsulani

Infant Pose Pack My daddy

You know, we talk so much about motherhood. But we should not forget to focus on fathers once in a while!

These poses are great for anything: a park walk, a visit, or just nice photos. They are a must-have for our collection, especially for single dads!

33. They Grow Up So Fast: Sims 4 Infant Poses by Bree’s Diary

They Grow Up so Fast Infant Posepack

I love-love-love this set of poses! They feel so real and relevant, very alive, you know?

I’ve seen selfie poses before, but never in a first-person photo format. I can’t wait to try these infant + parent poses and hope you do too!

That’s it for my favorite Sims 4 infant poses!

I hope you loved this custom content and found some gems for your cc folder as well. These creators are so talented, and I’m extremely grateful for our amazing Sims community!

Don’t forget to support your favorite creators on Patreon.

And let me know if you’re missing any poses or want me to collect the best cc on any other topic!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 infant poses.

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