41+ Most-Wanted Sims 4 Fantasy CC (Maxis Match & Updated)

If you’re not sure where to start finding some awesome Sims 4 fantasy cc, check out this list I’ve put together. I’ve rounded up the most gorgeous picks that the community is totally loving 🧡

sims 4 fantasy cc maxis match

Playing with fantasy themes in Sims 4 is soooooo much fun!

You can mix in elements from your favorite shows, books, and games like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or The Witcher – and how could we forget Final Fantasy?

At first, hunting down fantasy cc might seem a bit daunting if you’re new to it. It’s a whole different world from the usual clothes, hair, and makeup cc.

To help you with that, I’ve put together a favorites list of some of the coolest Sims 4 fantasy cc out there. As I usually go for the Maxis Match style, that’s what I have collected!

My goal is to give you a good start with both creators and their amazing cc, so you can keep exploring this awesome theme on your own afterwards. So, don’t just stop at the cc; check out the creators too!

They’re super talented and often have a bunch of fantasy stuff.

And now, let’s get started! This post is all about the best Sims 4 fantasy CC.

1. Witch Hunt Collaboration Pack by LAMZ

sims 4 fantasy cc witch hunt collaboration

Wow, this set is amazing! 😍

The Witch Hunt Collaboration has everything – accessories, anklets, dresses, headwear, necklaces, and pants. It’s perfect for dressing up your witches and wizards!

They’re magical but also a bit spooky, which is the perfect mix for creating stories about powers you’ve gotta be careful with.

2. BareBara2020’s Yun Shang Sims 4 Fantasy CC Dress Recolor by SSTS

sims 4 fantasy cc gown recolour

This Sims 4 fantasy cc gown blew me away. Seriously, I couldn’t stop staring at it – it’s so beautiful! I love purple, but the black-and-white version of this dress has me totally mesmerized.

3. Nikki Sims 4 Fantasy Hair CC Set #20 by Kotehok

sims 4 fantasy cc Nikki hair

The awesome person who made this stunning Nikki hair is taking a break to focus on their mental health.

But, lucky for us, we can still enjoy a ton of their hairstyles! And when I say a ton, I really mean it! A friend of Kotehok shared a Google Drive with us that’s got like 159 amazing hairstyles!

The hairstyle in the photo is actually Nikki hair #20 from Kotehok’s collection, in case you want to download this specific one. But check out others as well, they are super detailed and unique.

4. Holo Sims 4 Alien Eyes CC by Pseudosim

sims 4 fantasy cc alien eyes

Eyes totally set the personality of your Sim, right?

That’s why I’m totally in love with these striking Holo alien eyes for Sims 4. You can either snag just the eyes or go for a combo with the mouth too.

There are 18 different eye styles, and most have this cool glittery rainbow effect. Some come with sharp eyeliner, while others skip it, but all of them have these really subtle and “natural” eyelashes – as natural as you can get for an alien, haha.

5. Nymph Sims 4 Fantasy CC Maxis Match by Moriel

sims 4 fantasy cc nymph

This Sims 4 fantasy cc is perfect for making a beautiful nymph.

The flowy dress and stunning flower wreath look so natural, like they just grew that way, though I bet it took a ton of work to make this cc!

6. Magica Sims 4 Fantasy Pose Pack by StarrySimsie

sims 4 fantasy cc fantasy poses

Magica’s got 16 poses for both female and male magical Sims, which is pretty cool.

The action poses are awesome, but what I really love is how some there fantasy poses focus on the hands. I think having the right hand pose is super important, especially for getting just the right feel in a fantasy story.

7. Neem Elven Bow CC by DanSimsFantasy

sims 4 fantasy cc elven bow

Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to be an elf for a day since watching Lord of the Rings? This Elven bow for Sims 4 is just mind-blowing and really reminds me of those times!

It looks super majestic from a distance, but up close? It’s even more gorgeous than you’d think. You can make some epic warrior looks with it.

For my game, I put together a whole elf warrior outfit. If you want to do the same, you’ll need some extra Sims 4 fantasy cc. Just go to the “Recommended” tab from the bow’s creator (the link is below), and you’ll find direct links to the outfit, boots, and even elf ears with earrings.

8. MerMay Sims 4 Model Pose Pack by SamsSims

sims 4 fantasy cc pose pack

I really try to focus on poses for my Sims’ fantasy stories because I think they make a whole lot of a difference. So, here’s another pose pack, this time for mermaids and mermen.

9. Medusa Sims 4 Fantasy CC Conversion Set by Natalia Auditore

sims 4 fantasy cc medusa

I wouldn’t want to bump into this Medusa in a dark corner of the universe – way too creepy! But honestly, the set itself is incredible.

In this Sims 4 fantasy cc pack, you get it all: 2 tails, Medusa hair, bracelets, a face accessory, and 18 poses. There’s everything you need to create this epic character.

10. Sims 4 Alchemy Laboratory CC by Severinka

sims 4 fantasy cc alchemy laboratory

A medieval alchemy lab is just what a lot of us need in our games. The furniture and decor are essential for setting the perfect scene for fantasy characters and their adventures.

Have you seen the alchemy book in this set? The detail in their scripts is amazing!

And that armillary sphere floor lamp is my absolute favorite, plus the hourglass is perfect for any witch or witcher who’s always running out of time for one thing or another.

11. Sims 4 Witch Flying Pose Pack by Natalia-Auditore

sims 4 fantasy cc witch broom poses

Every witchy sim needs a broom, right? There’s just something missing without one!

In this Sims 4 fantasy cc pack you will find three different brooms and a bunch of poses, so that you can show off your Sims’s flying skills with awesome pics on Simstagram.

12. Iris Outfit CC (Final Fantasy XV) by Mimoto-sims

sims 4 fantasy cc iris outfit

Hey, all you Final Fantasy fans playing Sims 4! Have you seen this Iris Outfit CC? What do you think?

I reckon it looks amazing and super close to the original outfit – I absolutely love it!

13. Sims 4 Cat Lenses CC by Genius666

sims 4 fantasy cc cat lenses

I’m a huge cat lover, so I’ve got to shout out these cat lenses!

They’re perfect for adding the power of magic to your character while keeping it casual. Even this small detail can totally transform your sim into something wild and dangerous!

14. Sims 4 Fantasy Pet Drogon (Game Of Thrones) by Daenerys And TS4

sims 4 fantasy cc dragon pet

If you’ve ever wanted to be the mother of dragons, here’s your chance: you can now add Drogon from the Game of Thrones right into your Sims 4 game, straight from Daenerys and TS4!

This Sims 4 fantasy cc includes 2 poses and is perfect if you want to tame a dragon or even recreate some epic scenes from GoT season 7.

15. Meatballteeth’s Sweet Ears and Teeth Sims 4 Fantasy CC Pack by Uxji

sims 4 fantasy cc ears and teeth

This Sims 4 fantasy cc pack is packed with goodies! You get 3 awesome pairs of fantasy ears and 14 sets of unique teeth – gapped, chipped, and pointy.

It’s wild how much the teeth alone can change your Sim’s look – I always pick teeth from this pack for my vampires. And those gapped teeth? I even use them on my human Sims now and then because I think gaps are super cute!

16. Sims 4 Succubus Poses Pack by Natalia-Auditore

sims 4 fantasy cc succubus poses

Flying creatures now have the perfect pose pack for creative new looks – the Succubus pose pack cc! Some of these eight poses are the cutest ones I’ve found for my flying sims.

17. Child and Toddler Sims 4 Fantasy Ear Set by Kittrix

sims 4 fantasy cc toddler ear set

You know how there’s hardly any cool custom stuff for our fantasy kids in toddler’s versions, right?

Well, Kittrix has totally saved the day with these adorable fantasy ears for little Sims! There are 8 versions to choose from, and skin tone won’t be an issue at all. Such a great find!

18. Alhena Sims 4 Fantasy CC Outfit by DanSimsFantasy

sims 4 fantasy cc gemini outfit

Wow, this Alhena outfit is stunning! It’s literally inspired by the stars, or I’d rather say the Gemini constellation. It even comes with these gorgeous bracelets!

It’s such a bold look! I always pick it for my Sims with strong personalities to show off their fearless and powerful vibe.

19. Sims 4 Fantasy Hair (Final Fantasy VII) by Raccoonium

sims 4 fantasy cc final fantasy hair set

Here comes another awesome FF custom content for you. Have you been looking for a more real Final Fantasy VII vibe in your Sims game? Well, your prayers are answered!

Check out this cool Sims 4 fantasy cc set with 17 (!!) hair options from FF characters! It’s got almost everything – Reno’s iconic red spikes, Tifa’s look, and even Sephiroth’s legendary fringe.

20. Adrestian Emperor Edelgards Hair CC by Soaplagoon

sims 4 fantasy cc fire emblem

This epic hair from Fire Emblem is perfect for your fantasy vibe!

It comes in just one hair color, so no customizing, but don’t worry – it’s still gonna make your sim look absolutely amazing and totally regal. Seriously, so stunning!

21. Sims 4 Fantasy CC Floral Costume Aurora 1 by Jaru Sims

sims 4 fantasy cc floral costume

I don’t know about you, but I’m really into these floral feminine costumes!

The Aurora look totally nails that beautiful, innocent nature vibe. It’s perfect for a nymph or some other fantasy creature look.

22. Batty!Wings Sims 4 Fantasy CC by Gerbithats

sims 4 fantasy cc bat wings

You’ve seen those succubus poses earlier, right? But what about adding some cool, delicate wings?

These small Sims 4 bat wings cc are just the thing. They’re based on Natalia-Auditore’s design and fit perfectly with the Maxis Match style.

I use them for both male and female Sims all the time. They’re really subtle, so they complement bold looks without stealing the show.

23. Sims 4 Fantasy CC Random Set 2 by Plazasims

sims 4 fantasy cc Witcher clothes

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love PlazaSims! Her creations are always so elegant and stylish 😍

And now, you have to check out this Random Set 2 – it’s seriously one of the best Witcher clothing collections for Sims 4 you will find out there. It’s got this cool, grim vibe that works great for both Sim genders.

I use it not only for witchers but also for some other characters (like in the screenshot above), but just cause I can’t get enough of it!

24. Sims 4 Fantasy CC Fox Set by Natalia-Auditore

sims 4 fantasy cc fox set

Hey, have you checked out this Fox set yet? It’s got ears and tails for everyone – adults, kids, and toddlers, both girls and boys!

It matches the game’s aesthetics perfectly, and I’m totally in love with the nine-tail version. It’s wild! 🥰

25. Sims 4 Fantasy CC Horns Pack by Gerbithats

sims 4 fantasy cc horn pack

The horns from Gerbithats in this Sims 4 fantasy pack are something special!

You’ve got all sorts here – big, small, twisted, even broken ones, all placed under the Hats category.

But you’ve got to check out the Damien Horn. It’s inspired by Damien from Monster Prom and comes in two types: one with the left horn broken and another with the right horn broken.

26. Fairy Tea Time Sims 4 Fantasy CC Set by Kardofe

sims 4 fantasy cc fairy tea time

Fairy Tea Time is what this magical CC set is called!

Picture a secret spot in a forest where fairies hang out, sipping tea and having cake, playing cute games. The whole setup – with the teapot, napkins, a tray of pastries, and mugs – is just pure magic!

I wish I could find that forest garden myself! And hey, you don’t even need to be a fairy to enjoy this Sims 4 fantasy cc set.

27. Aqua Cat Fin Ears and Fish Tails for Cats by Sai1orrabbit

sims 4 fantasy cc aqua cat

Picture your cat turning into a sea creature with a fishtail and fin-like ears! How adorable would that be?

The Aqua Cat Sims 4 fantasy cc can actually make that happen, giving your kitty a total makeover. Such a lovely pet addition to your Sims 4 fantasy world!

28. Sims 4 Mushroom Hats CC by Bellassims

sims 4 fantasy cc mushroom hats

Haha, this Sims 4 fantasy cc is just too cute! Mushroom hats – can you believe it? I keep smiling every time I see them 😆

It’s the perfect blend of fantasy and fun, and anyone can wear them – teens, elders, guys, gals. Also, it’s base game compatible. There are 4 styles to choose from, but one of them (the veiled lady) is kinda creepy IMO. What do you think?

29. Tail Merman Lunae CC by DanSimsFantasy

sims 4 fantasy cc merman tail

Since there’s not a lot of Sims 4 fantasy cc for male sims out there, I’ve got to tell you about this merman tail.

It’s super cool – looks strong, realistic, and just plain handsome! Compared to those popular Lunae mermaid tails, this one’s longer and has sharp fins on the sides without any back membranes.

30. Sims 4 Fantasy CC Skin Overlay by EvilQuinzel

sims 4 fantasy cc mermaid skin overlay

This stunning skin overlay is made specifically for mermaids. It comes with two eyelid styles and two intensity options, so you can get the look just perfect!

You’ll need this cc to really bring out the beauty of your mermaid. Trust me, it might seem like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference!

31. Archer Elf CC (Darkness Rises) by Moriel

sims 4 fantasy cc archer elf

This beautiful Archer Elf outfit by Moriel is incredible!

It’s seriously one of my top favorite Sims 4 fantasy cc sets. The crown and the necklace are just stunning. I love how they adapted the Elf from Darkness Rises into something that fits perfectly with the maxis match style. It’s fantastic!

32. Peacock Feathers and Leaves by Zaneida

sims 4 fantasy cc peacock feathers and leaves

Well, I guess you don’t have to be a fantasy creature to rock these peacock feathers, but really, would your human Sims wear them daily?

These feathers (or green leaves) would look amazing on fantasy Sims, maybe even aliens (or is that going too far for their sleek look?). Either way, this accessory is a total head-turner!

33. Asterin Sims 4 Fantasy Eyes CC by KareemZiSims

sims 4 fantasy cc fantasy eyes

The Alsterin Eyes from TSR’s Arcane Illusions theme is the next one on the list. We’ve already talked about some CC items from that collection.

These eyes are absolutely wild! They give me the chills; it’s like they’re staring right through you, can you feel it?

Obviously, you can pick white, grey, or black shades, but it’s the bright colors that really stand out, in my opinion. It makes you feel like there’s a whole lot going on the inside of that character!

34. Sims 4 Qunari Horns CC Collection by Valhallan: part 1 of 2

sims 4 fantasy cc Qunari horns

Oh, do you like Dragon Age: Inquisition? Because there’s this awesome set of horns for Sims 4, inspired by that game! In the first part of this Sims 4 fantasy cc series, you will find all the basic horns that the ‘qunari’ race has.

35. Ge’els Sims 4 Clothing CC by Plazasims

sims 4 fantasy cc male elf clothing

Here comes the unique look of elf Ge’els from The Witcher! This costume is packed with details and cool color designs. It will wow anyone who sees it!

36. Pagan Game Table CC by Dragon Time

sims 4 fantasy cc game table

The Pagan game table brings a touch of mysticism to your usual board game setup.

You get 6 color options available, 5 of them feature a beautiful pentagram that adds that extra magic element to the game (the only table that does not have a pentagram is the one you see on the screenshot above – I love it cause it looks totally handmade!).

37. Sims 4 SpiderQueen Eyes CC by EvilQuinzel

sims 4 fantasy cc spider eyes

Oh wow, the SpiderQueen Eyes are super dark and intense, and I totally love that! They’re so captivating, like, I can’t stop looking at them. Feels like I’m being hypnotized!

38. Sims 4 Medieval Tavern CC Pack by Syboulette

sims 4 fantasy cc medieval tavern

Is that only me, or you also use a lot of medieval furniture while playing fantasy-themes Sims? In this Sims 4 fantasy cc pack you get 21 items – and all of them look completely real! It’s like they’re straight out of a movie set or something!

You can spin any story you want with them – magical kingdoms, pirates, witchers, historical adventures – just let your imagination run wild.

Syboulette is incredible when it comes to furniture; I can’t stop admiring her talent!

39. Sims 4 Fantasy Curly Male Hair CC by Natalia-Auditore

sims 4 fantasy cc male hair

Oh my gosh, have you seen these curls? They’re amazing, and they’re for male Sims! Honestly, any Sim girl would be green with envy.

This long hair cc is a game-changer for fantasy characters. And it totally makes me think of warriors – do you get that vibe too?

40. Alya Sims 4 Fantasy Skin by EvilQuinzel

sims 4 fantasy cc alien skin

The Alya skin is magnificent, even though it gives me the creeps! It’s got something devilish about it.

It’s great for lots of fantasy characters in your game, but I mostly use it for aliens. I think it’s a bit intense for a siren and a tad too spooky for a goblin!

By the way, if you need some more inspiration for your alien Sims, here’s a perfect post about it: 41+ Best Sims 4 Alien CC (Cute and Free to Download).

41. Gravehound (Dishonored) by Leo-Jindosh and Moriel

sims 4 fantasy cc grave hound

The Gravehound costume from Dishonored is made for adult dogs.

It’s got this cool, dark vibe that makes your pet look super scary. Seriously, don’t play Sims with your Gravehound around late at night!

42. Korean Warrior Sims 4 Fantasy CC Set by Reina Sims4

sims 4 fantasy cc korean warrior

This Korean warrior cc piece is seriously amazing. It even comes with this epic long sword that just screams mystery and strength.

I was hesitant to add it to my Sims 4 fantasy cc list, but that’s how I’ve been using these sets lately. What do you think, though? Should I remove it?

To sum up this post, we’ve covered the coolest Sims 4 fantasy cc Maxis Match sets out there. Honestly, I think they deserve a spaceial place in your mods folder!

I’ve shown you my top picks for female, male, kids, and pets – from furniture to cc outfits, accessories, skins, clothes, eyes, hair, and more. All from various cc creators to help you build your own fantasy world.

Feel like I missed something? Drop a comment below, and we’ll sort it out!

Happy simming! 🌸

This post was all about the best Sims 4 fantasy cc Maxis Match style.

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