61+ Cutest Sims 4 Child Clothes CC for Fun Adventures and Activities (Maxis Match)

Are you looking for the ultimate list of sims 4 child clothes cc? These are my top picks of versatile clothes for your sims kids to give you everything you need for that playful look!

sims 4 child clothes cc

Ever felt like your Sim kids are stuck wearing the same old outfits? I know I surely did!

It’s too bad the game itself doesn’t give us more options for our little ones! I’ve actually felt this way even when it comes to custom content, even though there are still some gems out there.

Today, I’ve got a bunch of my favorite Sims 4 children’s clothes CC to share with you. It has become quite a list (over 60 clothing items!), but that’s because I wanted to make sure you’ve got plenty of options and donโ€™t have to keep hunting for new stuff.

These Sims 4 children clothes cc is fun, versatile, and super cute! I’ve picked both individual pieces and full packs – everything I thought was worthy to land into your cc folder.

This post is all about Sims 4 child clothes cc.

1. Sunny Skies Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Pack by Daisy Pixels

sims 4 cc child clothes

This adorable froggy hat is a total gem in the collection, guaranteed to get all the attention at the playground. Seriously, who can say no to those cute eyes and cheeky smile?

There’s also a super comfy yet stylish dress for your little girl, along with funky jeans that I’m sure every kid would appreciate.

And what I’m loving the most in this Sims 4 child clothes cc pack is the one-piece Kara swimsuit. It’s got this playful, old-school vibe that looks incredibly cute on kids.

2. Sims 4 Kids Ruffle Dress by Rimings

sims 4 custom content kids ruffle dress

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a ruffled dress? Especially the ones by Rimings. I love their long length (but not too long, though) because, honestly, floor-length would just a hassle for kids!

They’re like something out of a fairy tale, a tad old school with those flower patterns, but absolutely adorable. I’m totally obsessed!

3. Just Kiddin’ Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Simkoos

sims 4 child cc 2

I’m obsessed with this Sims 4 child clothes CC pack from Simkoos โ€“ it’s simple and versatile, yet still super fun and colorful (if you want it – just choose the right color swatches!). I mean, no kid wants to wear boring clothes, right?

What’s in the pack? You’ve got jeans, hoodies (and one has the cutest bunny ears!), a top, a sweater, a cardigan, a t-shirt, and a dress.

And the details are just adorable โ€“ like the pompons on the hoodie and the flower embroidery on the dress. I loooove those touches!

4. Cottage Casual Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Cmescapade

kids sims 4 cc

This Sims 4 child clothes cc set is just what you need if you’re planning a little woodland adventure.

It comes with this adorable beanie thatโ€™s great for keeping their heads warm. Plus, there’s this really cute animal backpack with a frog design (again, frogs! Seriously, when did frogs become so popular with kids?), along with a sweater, cargo pants, and shorts.

5. Vilka Sims 4 Puffer Coat CC by Madlen

sims 4 children clothes cc puffer coat

Madlen is amazing with kids’ clothes! You could literally download everything from her Patreon page. But I had to choose something for this list, so I went with the Vilka coat.

It’s this quilted puffer coat with a hood and long sleeves that are super in right now, you can see them everywhere! And this Sims 4 child clothes cc, in particular, looks SO REAL! I just love it.

6. Corinne Sims 4 Jeans Shorts CC by Clarity Sims

sims 4 children clothes cc jeans shorts

These jeans shorts are my Sim kids’ favorite for all their summer fun, from playdates to hanging out at the park. They’re just perfect – I wouldn’t change a thing.

Big shoutout to Clarity Sims for these awesome Sims 4 child clothes CC!

7. Mandy Sims 4 Child Sweater CC by Simtographies

sims 4 children clothes cc sweater

When it starts to get cold, your kid definitely needs a cozy sweater! And I just love this Mandy Sweater by Simtographies.

I keep using it in every game – the colors are perfect – colourful but not too flashy. And they work well with any outfit!

8. Giane Sims 4 Crop Hoodie CC for Children by Clarity Sims

child cc sims 4

This set comes with a cropped hoodie and jogger pants that are perfect for a chill day out or a fun playdate at the park. It’s casual but still stylish clothes!

And have you seen the cute cat print on the hoodie? This is exactly why I’m so heavily obsessed with kids’ clothes ๐Ÿ˜

9. Ice Cream Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Collection by Ren Okamoto

sims 4 child skinny jeans

Oh wow, this set is adorable! The pants are cool, but what I really love is the super cute ruffle top in those lovely ice cream colors.

10. Clumsyalien Tate Sims 4 Kids Jacket by Simiracle

kids cc sims 4

There are so few clothing options for kids in the Sims, and it is especially true for boys compared to girls! That’s why I’m so grateful to all the creators who give us such amazing clothing options for boy Sims!

This Tate jacket comes with a long sleeve shirt and a tee in 36 different colors, plus, it has the cutest print! Itโ€™s a casual classic, perfect for any occasion, and super comfy.

11. Carter Sweater and Jeans Sims 4 Child CC Outfit by Onyx Sims

sims 4 child clothing

This Sims 4 child clothes cc outfit by Onyx Sims is perfect for Sims kids!

It’s got a pullover sweater and cuffed loose-fit jeans, great for chilly days or just hanging out.

12. Electronic Arts Inc. Sims 4 Child Conversions Clothes by Nell

sims 4 children clothes cc sweater vest

This CC comes with an adorable sweater vest and a collared sweater that’ll make your little Sims even cuter (hard to believe, right?).

It’s a bit more on the formal side, perfect for wealthy family storylines or maybe for nerdy kids ๐Ÿ˜† This Sims 4 children clothes cc has some colorful options, but there are also earthy and classic choices that would fit even the strictest family or school.

13. Honey Sims 4 Children Overall CC by Clumsyalienn

sims 4 children clothes cc overall

These kids’ cuffed denim overalls with a striped long-sleeved shirt are full-body outfits – super cute and such time savers!!!

You don’t have to waste time matching tops and bottoms – just pick one of these cutest outfits, and you’re good to go.

14. Your Heart Sims 4 Skinny Jeans CC for Kids by Naevys

sims 4 children clothes cc skinny jeans

The Your Heart Jeans are really fun.

They’ve got knee patches and cute hearts on the back. You gotta download and try these skinny jeans!

And even though they come in classic blue colors, I’m all about them in white, green, or pink shades – those shades just add that extra touch of whimsy!

15. Hania Sims 4 Child Outfit Pack by Madlen

the sims 4 child cc uniform

The Hania Outfit Pack by Madlen is a great find I had to share with you! It’s perfect for kids and toddlers in The Sims 4, making for an adorable school uniform.

Style-wise, it’s all about being simple yet practical. And knowing Madlen’s knack for making stunning Sims 4 child clothes CC, you can bet these outfits are top-notch and full of lovely details.

16. The Slow Rush Sims 4 Kids Winter CC Set by Soolani

kids clothes sims 4 cc

If you’re looking for winter stuff for your little Sims, this two-piece Sims 4 child clothing cc set is perfect for making their snow adventures super fun.

The jacket’s so slim it almost looks like a shirt, right? But it’ll keep your Sim kids cozy and won’t stop them from moving around.

17. Cafe Sims 4 Sweatsuit CC for Kids by Nucrests

children clothes cc sims 4

Did you hear about the Cafe Sweatsuit for Kids by Nucrests? It’s the COZIEST THING EVER, and I swear your kids could wear it all day, every day, just like mines do!

It looks kinda like pajamas (just as comfy), but still really neat and put-together. I love the slightly oversized look – it’s just perfect for kids’ clothes, cozy and practical at the same time.

18. Mila Sims 4 Child Jeans CC by Amelylina

sims 4 kids cc jeans

Here’s another small collection with a few pieces to share. I have picked out Mila jeans to show you, but honestly, every Sims 4 child clothes cc item there is super cute and worth downloading!

My Sims boys often wear the June shirt with a sweater for school – total classic, if you ask me. And there’s this adorable “Nasa” jacket – a must-have for any kid into space stuff.

19. Taylor Sims 4 Child Jacket CC by Lillka

sims 4 cc childrens winter clothing

Check out this Sims 4 child clothes cc that totally grabbed my attention. The Taylor jacket by Lila comes in five different swatches with cute patterns.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good winter jacket? It’s like getting a warm hug on a chilly day and always makes any outfit look cooler.

20. Sonia Sims 4 Cardigan CC for Kids by Simiracle

sims 4 kids clothes cc

This dreamy cardigan comes in 22 different swatches. Yep, 22! I love the variety of colors because you can get really creative with it and customize your outfits.

Just a heads up, though, this cardigan only works with accessory shirts. I learned that the hard way when I first downloaded it and couldnโ€™t figure out why it wasnโ€™t showing up in my game.

21. Vintage Boys Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by TwentiethCenturySims

sims 4 shirts clothes mods

This Sims 4 child clothes cc for boys gives a cool old-timey feel, like something from the early 1900s. It really brings that vintage charm into your Sims’ closets!

I love it for my historic Sims games; even though only tops are included – they set the perfect vibe. Plus, they’re super easy to mix and match with different bottoms.

22. Athletic Kids Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Pack by Madlen

sims 4 cc for kids

You might think this set’s just for sporty kids, but trust me, it’s way more versatile. It’s simple and trendy, and I find myself using it all the time in many different settings.

I’m really into the athleisure trend, and it’s awesome that our child Sims can rock it too, thanks to Madlen.

23. Sims 4 Crazy Sweater for Children by Plbsims

sims 4 children cc

Wearing a sweater like that was the coolest thing back in my school days!

This Sims 4 child clothes cc is perfect for giving your character more Sim’s personality, a bit of an edge, and some rebellious vibes. There are 7 cool patterns you can pick from, all on a black background (because, of course ๐Ÿ˜Œ).

24. Bastien Sims 4 Child Outfit by Madlen

sims 4 children custom content

You already know by now that I’m a big fan of Madlen and her kids’ clothes cc, and this cool sweatshirt with matching joggers is no exception.

Madlen always nails it with high quality. The textures and colors on this outfit are amazing, making it look so real and well-crafted.

I dressed my Sim kid in this outfit for a lazy weekend in the game once. He just hung out, played video games, and had a super chill day. The Bastien Outfit was just perfect for the vibe.

25. Rainbow Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Onyx Sims

sims 4 kid cc sport clothes

This Sims 4 child clothes cc set is named Rainbow, and it totally lives up to its name when you check out all the swatches!

It’s got a tied tank top, shorts, and high socks, each with a cool rainbow stripe on the side. It’s great for adding some color to your sporty outfit (even to a white one, like in my screenshot).

26. Sims 4 Jersey Kids Tee CC by Simiracle

kids clothes sims 4

This Jersey tee is another cool sporty pick for our Sim boys. It’s got layers and even a small bag slung over the shoulder on the back.

I’m addicted to layered clothes; I think they make an outfit look so much more sophisticated without losing that casual vibe.

27. Briggs Sims 4 Fall Coat CC for Boys by McLayneSims

sims 4 child clothes cc fall coat

This Briggs Fall Coat for boys by McLayneSims is something different. It’s a special piece that brings some autumn warmth to your little Sim’s look.

This lengthy coat is super elegant, perfect for a boy aiming for that high society, maybe going to an elite private school. Classy, right?

28. Sims 4 Worn Skinny Jeans CC for Kids by Simiracle

sims 4 child clothes cc skinny jeans

The worn skinny jeans are perfect for giving your little Sims a cool, laid-back look. The best part? There are 28 different colors to choose from!

29. Junior Argyle Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Pinkfizz Designs

sims 4 child cc folder

OMG, I absolutely love tartan fabric! It’s so cool, and I don’t get why it’s not more common in kids’ clothes.

This Sims 4 child clothes cc set with the skirt is adorable – perfect for school, any formal occasion, special event, or just hanging out at home.

30. Berta Clothing Outfit by Madlen

sims 4 child clothes cc maxis match

This coat is created as a warm winter coat, but honestly, where I’m from, it wouldn’t cut it ๐Ÿ˜†. It feels more like a fall coat to me, though it does look snug and warm.

My favorite part about the Berta outfit? Definitely the cozy scarf! It’s just what you need for those chilly, windy days – such a great accessory!

31. Sporty Cutie Sims 4 Hooded Dress CC for Girls by Hypergnomesimblr

sims 4 child dress

This piece is super interesting – it’s a hooded dress for girls that comes with leggings. At first, I thought it was just for when kids are hanging out at home, but it’s actually perfect for everyday wear, sports, or even as a cute outfit for parties.

Plus, this Sims 4 child clothing CC works with all occults, which is a really cool bonus!

32. Sims 4 Top CU01 CC for Kids by Simtographies

sims 4 child clothing cc

You know how plain, single color t-shirts can be so dull, especially when you’re at school, right?

It’s awesome to show off your personality with a cool print, and that’s exactly what this cute t-shirt is for your little sims. You can find Scooby Doo, Sailor Moon, Bratz, Barbie, or another unique design on them!

Plus, they work for both boys and girls.

33. Abena Sims 4 Kids’ Athletic Set by Onyx Sims

sims 4 cc kids clothes

Here’s another sporty set with cool side stripes. It’s got a cropped sweatshirt and high-waist sweatpants.

You can pick from solid colors or fun prints for the sweatshirt, like Mickey Mouse or unicorns!

34. Hazel and Rocky Sims 4 Child Clothing CC Set by Kitkatiecc

sims 4 kids clothes

Hazel and Rocky? More like Bonnie and Clyde!

The Hazel Outfit is this awesome unisex full-body outfit that’s all about casual style. It’s got a t-shirt, an overshirt, and jean shorts.

And the Rocky training suit? Also unisex and looks amazing. Together, they’re the ultimate duo for best friends who are all about adventures.

35. Pirate Captain Sims 4 Conversion for Children by WhyHelloSims

sims 4 childrens clothes

Ahoy there! Ready to head out on a fun adventure with the Pirate Captain costume for kids?

It’s awesome for themed parties or just spicing up everyday play. Even Captain Jack Sparrow would give it a thumbs up!

36. Bibi Sims 4 Kids Pyjamas CC by Madlen

sims 4 child clothes cc pyjamas

You know those days when you just can’t be bothered to change out of your PJs, right? The Bibi Pajamas by Madlen are the perfect Sims 4 child clothes CC for those lazy days.

This CC is a special Patreon exclusive, meaning it’s a cool perk from Madlen for her Patreon supporters (anyhow, this CC is free to download for everyone!). So, let’s not forget to support creators for all their amazing work, Patreon or no Patreon!

37. Boy and Girl Swimsuit CC by Colorful Plumbombs

sims 4 child clothes cc swimsuit

These boy and girl swimsuit CCs are super cute. The patterns come from Freepik, adding a unique and stylish flair to each item.

38. Aria & Lilo Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Daisy Pixels

sims 4 child dresses

I’m obsessed with this Sims 4 child clothes cc set! It’ll look amazing from every angle in the game.

It’s got three pieces: the Aria dress, a Lilo crop top, and a Lilo skirt.

The Aria dress is super sweet and stylish, perfect for any event (make sure to check out the patterns – they change up the look so much!).

And the skirt? I adore its length – why aren’t there more long clothing options for kids? But heads up, the skirt only matches with some base game tops, which is kind of a bummer if you want to mix and match styles.

39. Sims 4 Matchy-Matchy Christmas PJs CC by SimPlistic

sims 4 child clothes cc Christmas pjs

This pajama set is the perfect match for the holiday season. It’s got matching outfits for the whole Sim family – kids, toddlers, and adults, so everyone can get into the holiday vibe together.

There are 15 cool prints to choose from, including classic red and cute reindeer and snowflake designs.

I’ve been using this Sims 4 child clothes CC for some time now, and it really brings a bit of holiday cheer to my game. Every Winterfest, I dress my Sim family in these matching PJs, and it totally gets us all in the holiday mood. The kids love it, and even grumpy Grandpa Sim finds it fun!

40. Sims 4 Bumper Crewneck CC for Boys by McLayneSims

sims 4 kids clothing

What makes this boys’ crewneck sweater CC so cool is its modern, street-style look. It’s got this urban chic that really stands out from other Sims 4 kids’ clothes CC.

41. Lil Wanderers Sims 4 Clothing CC Mini-Set for Children by SpaceCadet

child clothes sims 4

The Lil’ Wanderers Mini-Set by SpaceCadet has totally won me over.

It’s got this 70s vibe that’s perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to the game. Last time I played, I used it for a Stranger Things-inspired storyline in The Sims, and it was awesome!

42. Sims 4 Dress Conversions by Casteru

sims 4 kid cc jordan

This Sims 4 child clothes CC comes with three awesome dresses: the Kimi Onepiece, the Miri Dress, and the Gingham Belt Dress.

My favorite is the one with a sweatshirt on top. The white collar gives it a fancy touch, but the sweatshirt keeps it cool and laid-back. I just love that mix!

43. Astronaut Sims 4 Children Costume CC by Plasticine Memories

sims 4 child clothes cc astronaut costume

Let’s chat about something super cool – the Astronaut Children Costume by Plasticine Memories.

This Maxis match CC is perfect for your little space adventurers. I’m not sure how realistic it looks, but it’s definitely going to be a blast to play with!

44. Toadstool Sims 4 Child Overalls by Mossylane

sims 4 alien children shirt

This Sims 4 child clothes CC set has three adorable overalls for your little kid Sims. The textures are nice and smooth, and the designs are fun and practical.

One version has a shirt tied around the waist, which looks super cool and casual. There’s also a version with short sleeves and shorts, which is great for warmer days outside.

Plus, these overalls are for both boys and girls.

45. Get Famous Sims 4 Sparkle Pants CC by Simiracle

kid cc sims 4 leggings

OMG, these glittery leggings are everything!

Seriously, just seeing them on children in my game lifts my mood. I usually throw them on with a plain, simple t-shirt, so it’s not too much, but feel free to go wild with colors if you’re up for it!

46. Calipso Sims 4 Child Dress CC by Simiracle

the sims 4 kids cc

The Calipso dress has this boho vibe, which is kinda hard to find for kids.

This Sims 4 child clothes cc is not too flashy but definitely adds some class to a child Sim’s closet. The texture is smooth and looks real. Plus, it comes in 70 different colors (how cool is that?!), so you can find the perfect one for any event or mood.

47. Sims 4 Underwear CC Pack for Boys by MartyP

sims 4 child clothes cc underwear

This Sims 4 child clothes CC pack is all bout underwear for boys, perfect for lazy days at home or even as pajamas.

The best part? The design is classic, just like Calvin Klein’s signature style.

48. Sims 4 Child Bathrobe CC by Lillka

sims 4 child clothes cc bathrobe

This Sims 4 child clothes CC set has an adorable bathrobe in four styles, but heads up, you need the Spa Day expansion pack to use it.

The bathrobe looks so soft and fluffy, don’t you almost feel it too?

I’ve been using this bathrobe in my games, and honestly, it’s been amazing. Seeing my little Sim girls chilling on a spa day at home is just the best.

49. Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Fashion Set by Glowtrait

sims 4 child clothes tumblr

These crop tops (or a tank tops?) and the coolest vintage jeans for Sim kids that’ll definitely make them the center of attention.

They’re pretty simple, but you can always spice them up with more colors and patterns if you want.

50. Cozy Weather Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Pack by PowLuna

sims 4 kids mod clothing

This Sims 4 child clothes cc pack is great for cold weather.

What I love is the design – it seriously looks like adult clothes but for kids. It’s got everything: tops, bottoms, shoes, fullbody outfits, tights, and socks – the whole deal.

These clothes are perfect for showing off your child’s mature and serious side, that’s what I usually use them for.

51. Sims 4 Wool Hoodie CC for Kids by Miiko

kids cc sims 4 print clothes

This cozy wool hoodie is perfect for cold winter days! You’ve got 19 swatches to pick from, including dark and pastel solids, plus some adorable prints.

The Teddy Bear print is my favorite – it’s so cute! And this Sims 4 child clothes cc is unisex, too.

52. Sole Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Swimwear Pack by Madlen

sims 4 kids cc hat

This Sole swimwear pack by Madlen is amazing! Your little Sim girls will feel all grown up with those fancy sole hats. It’s perfect for sunny days by the pool or beach.

This Sims 4 child clothes cc pack includes two types of two-piece swimsuits in classy colors. One’s a bit more revealing, and the other one has long sleeves – but both of them look super comfy – great for active kids!

53. Aurora Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Serenity

sims 4 child cc clothing set

The Aurora Set comes with 13 items for the whole family – it’s like a mini wardrobe! It’s got cute tops, pants, and even child cc hair, covering your little Sims from head to toe.

If you’re looking for matching family outfits that work for both kids and adults, this Sims 4 cc clothes pack is perfect!

54. Sachiko Sims 4 Child Clothes CC by Madlen

sims 4 children jeans jacket

This Sims 4 kids’ clothes cc is basically an adorable oversized denim jacket with a fun print on the back. It’s super versatile and practical but still cool because of the print.

I absolutely love how my little Sims look in it! The only thing I wish for is more color options to add some bright shades to the mix.

55. Maya Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Madlen

sims 4 child clothes cc shirt dress with a corset

The Maya Outfit mixes a denim corset with a shirt-dress underneath, and it’s such a cool combo! ๐Ÿ˜

The corset makes it stylish, and the shirt dress keeps it fun and young. The textures and details are top-notch, really showing off Madlen’s eye for detail.

56. Kiko Sims 4 Child Dress CC by Madlen

sims 4 cc kids long dress

This simple Kiko dress has two styles, mainly changing up the sleeves, and it’s perfect for any girl.

I’m totally in love with this trendy dress because of the length and the ribbed fabric! It’s so sleek and classy and looks amazing paired with grunge jackets and sneakers.

Honestly, this Sims 4 child clothes cc is one of my all-time favorites!

57. Himesh Jacker and Teddy Bag Kids CC Pack by Madlen

sims 4 child clothes cc winter jacket

The Himesh jacket is this cool, oversized jacket that screams ‘90s retro vibes. And it comes with an adorable teddy bag that your Sim kids can tote around.

I’m obsessed with this little bag – my own kid would absolutely love it!!

58. Dress Conversions Sims 4 Child Clothes CC by Casteru

sims 4 cc kids clothes conversions

This CC has three adorable dresses for our little Sim children, converted from Casteru’s toddler versions.

They’ve got this baby-doll vibe (or toddler aesthetics, if you wish) – short, fluffy skirts and the cutest bows.

59. Strawberry Sims 4 Child Clothes CC Set by Joliebean

child sims 4 cc strawberry set

Back in 2020, this adorable dress with its strawberry pattern was all the rage! And still, this cc is perfect for anyone who loves to add a splash of color and fun to their Sims outfits.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of it, especially not the adult version, but I’ve got to say, it’s the cutest dress for little girls on a special occasion.

60. Sims 4 Ankle Slacks & Bowtie Pullover CC for Boys by Casteru

sims 4 child bowtie pullover cc maxis match

There aren’t many formal outfits for Sims kids for the big events, so here’s another great option for our boys.

This Sims 4 child clothes cc is all about looking sharp and stylish. It’s got a classy bowtie pullover and ankle slacks that give it a modern edge. Your Sims are going to be the best-dressed around!

61. Felina Sims 4 Top CC for Girls by PowLuna

sims 4 kids top cc

I’ve been playing Sims for a while now and checked out loads of kids’ clothing CCs, but I always come back to Felina for my kids’ outfits.

It’s soft, comfy, and simple but comes in so many colors – from bright ones to pastels, and even classic black and whites.

Plus, I just love its turtleneck style; I can’t stand the thought of my little Sims in crew-necks when it’s freezing out! And “Felina” kinda makes me think of cats, which fits because it has that soft and gentle feel to this Sims 4 child clothes cc!

62. Robin Sims 4 Child Camo Outfit by Madlen

sims 4 kids camo pants

This Sims 4 kids’ camo outfit is just awesome and totally screams ‘cool kid.’

I know camo isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s super cool that Madlen made this style for us and our Sims children. Plus, it looks amazing on little dancers and will definitely add a lot to your storytelling options!

There are 8 camo swatches you can choose from.

Wrapping this up, there’s a ton of awesome CC out there for adult Sims, but when it comes to kids, the choices are kinda slim and not as varied. Mostly, we’re looking at stuff made for adults, just converted and sized down, not really made just for kids.

I tried to pack in as many cool Sims 4 child clothes cc options as I could, but don’t feel like you’ve got to stick to just these. There’s definitely something perfect for everyone out there, so have fun exploring to find your perfect finds!

And hey, if you’ve stumbled upon some amazing piece I didn’t mention or just wanna shout out your favorite Sims 4 CC creator, hit me up in the comments!

I’m always excited to hear from you ๐Ÿ’œ

This post was all about the best Sims 4 child clothes cc finds.

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