31+ Chic Sims 4 Accessories CC You’ll Fall in Love With!

Is your Sim’s outfit missing that final touch? This post has all the best Sims 4 accessories CC to complete their look and make them shine!

sims 4 accessories cc

We all know that finding the perfect custom content makes The Sims 4 so much better, right?

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Sims 4 accessories CC that have totally transformed my game. By the end of this post, you’ll have a new appreciation for CC creators and a list of must-have accessories to add to your game.

But before we dive in, just a heads up—this list isn’t about ranking. Each piece of CC here is amazing in its own way.

My friends and I have tested these out, and we can vouch for their quality and smooth performance. Whether you need accessories for male, female, or even child Sims, we’ve got you covered.

So, bookmark or pin this page! I’ll be updating it regularly with new finds, so check back often!

This post is all about the best Sims 4 accessories cc finds.

1. Claire Sims 4 Headphones CC by SM Sims

sims 4 headphones cc

Trust me, these Sims 4 headphones are amazing—no joke!

They’re not your usual kind. They’re sleek and stylish and come in 7 color swatches. Plus, the adorable cat ears make them super cute (and they work for male Sims, too!).

Your Sim can wear them with any outfit and look awesome.

We all hate glitchy CC, right? No worries here—these headphones are high-quality and won’t mess up your game! The download link is, as always, below.

2. Sunset Chic Sims 4 Jewellery Set by Polygon Couture

sims 4 jewellery cc

This set captures the beauty of a sunset and turns it into wearable art for your Sims. It includes earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, each available in 5 different swatches.

The designs are bold and beautiful, with big pendants and intricate details.

What I absolutely love about this CC is its versatility. Whether your Sim is dressed for a casual day or a glamorous night, the Sunset Chic set will be the final touch for that perfect look 🥰

If you love pendant necklaces, you’ll find this pack stunning!

3. Desire Sims 4 Feet Jewellery CC Set by Blue Craving

sims 4 feet Jewellery cc

This feet jewelry is a gem in the Sims 4 accessories CC world. It’s perfect for Sims, who love making a statement from head to toe!

The details are exquisite, with delicate chains and intricate designs that add extra flair to any outfit. You’ll find this jewelry in the shoe section.

4. Phantom Sims 4 Accessories CC by Lark-Sims4CC

sims 4 eye mask accessory

The Sims 4 Phantom is soooo unique! This eye mask accessory cc is a stellar blend of mystery and style, perfect for Sims, who love bold fashion statements.

You can use it for both male and female Sims, the Phantom comes in five colors.

5. Butterfly Applique Sims 4 Stockings CC by GoodChillsStudio

sims 4 stockings cc

These Sims 4 stockings cc bring a fun and stylish vibe to any Sim’s outfit.

The best part is the beautiful butterfly appliques, adding a playful touch. Perfect for Sims who love showing their personality through clothes.

Made by GoodChillsStudio, these stockings come in an amazing 50 color swatches and are base game compatible.

6. Fluffy Headband Sims 4 Accessories CC by Kikiw

sims 4 headband cc

This Sims 4 headband CC features a fluffy headband available in 2 styles (flowers or bows) and eight colors. It looks perfect on your Sim’s head, adding a sweet and romantic touch to any outfit.

The fluffy texture looks realistic, and the colors are super cute! Plus, it’s base game compatible.

7. Vintage Necktie Sims 4 Accessories CC by Tina-Sims

sims 4 necktie accessory cc

If you’re looking for a unique accessory with lots of personality, check out this Vintage Necktie.

This Sims 4 necktie CC has 12 swatches (6 black and white, 6 colorful prints). It adds a bold touch to any outfit!

Whether your Sim is dressing up for an event or just wants a stylish everyday look, this necktie is just perfect.

8. Cute Leg Warmer Sims 4 Accessories CC by Eunosims

sims 4 leg warmers cc

If you want to add some cozy charm to your Sims’ outfits, you’ve got to try this Sims 4 leg warmer CC.

They’re super cute and snug, perfect for those chilly days when your Sims need something warm. The texture is realistic, and the colors—black, red, or white with patterns like stripes, skeletons, and stars—match easily with other clothes.

I’ve used this CC a lot, and it’s always a hit! If you are like me and love this accessory, here’s a whole round-up about legwarmers: 21+ Trendy Leg Warmers Sims 4 CC (The Ultimate List)

9. Sims 4 Valentine Jewelry Set by EnriqueS4

sims 4 earring piercing cc

This set comes with four adorable versions of earrings with piercings, perfect for Sims dates or adding a touch of glam to everyday looks.

The jewelry sparkles beautifully and has a detailed design. With 40 color options (20 gold and 20 silver), you can find the perfect match for any outfit.

I have to say, this Sims 4 Valentine’s CC has been a game-changer for me. It adds that extra oomph and makes my Sims look super chic 😍

10. Fandom Masks Sims 4 Accessories CC by PralineSims

sims 4 face mask cc

This Sims 4 face mask CC is a must-have, it’s great for personal protection and even style to stand out (or blend in during a pandemic!).

It comes with 30 unique designs in black and white for all genders.

These masks are listed under the bracelets category—strange, but they show up on your Sim’s face where they belong. The design quality is top-notch, with clear prints that look great up close.

11. Steampunked Goggles Sims 4 Accessories CC by _zy

sims 4 goggles cc accessory

These steampunk-inspired goggles are perfect for giving your Sim a Victorian sci-fi look.

The craftsmanship is amazing, with a realistic metallic finish and intricate details. These Sims 4 goggles CC come in 7 different colors.

12. Y2K Headphones Sims 4 Accessories CC by Simgirlz

sims 4 headphones

Simgirlz offers two versions of these Sims 4 headphones: one on the head and one hanging around the neck. With 12 swatches, you can match them to your Sim’s outfit or mood.

These headphones are all about style. The Y2K design totally brings back millennial pop culture vibes.

13. Cassie Pacifier for Infants by PlayersWonderland

sims 4 pacifier cc

This CC gives your infant Sims the cutest little pacifier. It comes in 18 swatches and needs the latest patch to show up right.

Honestly, this pacifier adds such a sweet touch to my infant Sims; I just love it! It’s a small detail but makes all the difference when capturing those adorable first-year moments.

14. Mori Backpacks Sims 4 Accessories CC by Madlen

sims 4 backpack cc

I’m totally obsessed with these super cute backpacks!

They feature playful designs with plush animals like dogs or bunnies. It’s like a toy store exploded onto a backpack, and it’s adorable.

Made for kids and toddlers, these Sims 4 backpacks can be used as school bags, travel bags, or just fun accessories. The level of detail is amazing, something Madlen is well-known for.

I’ve had so much fun using these backpacks in my game. They add so much joy and whimsy to my Sim kids’ outfits, making them look ready for any adventure!

15. Pearl Beret Sims 4 Accessories CC by Eunosims

sims 4 pearl beret

This CC is all about the beret, but not just any beret—it’s a pearl beret! It’s super chic and elegant, perfect for making your Sims stand out.

The pearls look so real, and the beret mimics real wool. The detail is amazing and adds authenticity to the game.

Plus, this Sims 4 beret works great with lots of female outfits, whether it’s for a fancy dinner or a casual hangout with friends. And if you are a fan of pearl aesthetics, here’s another great collection for you: 39+ Stunning Sims 4 Pearl CC (Necklace, Earrings, Choker, Clothes, etc.).

16. The Cowboy Hat Sims 4 Accessories CC by San33

sims 4 cowboy hat cc

This adorable cowboy hat is just for female Sims. With eight colors to pick from, it’s perfect for adding a rustic touch.

I’ve tried it in my game, and let me tell you, it’s a blast!

It adds a fun, western vibe that’s hard to resist. Whether my Sim is hitting the ranch or just hanging out downtown, this Sims 4 cowgirl hat adds so much personality!

17. Assassin Set Gloves CC by Blue Craving

sims 4 assassin gloves cc

These gloves are perfect for adding a touch of danger and intrigue to your Sim’s look.

This CC comes in two versions: with and without Sims 4 claws cc.

I love adding them to my bold and adventurous characters; these gloves are awesome! They add an edgy vibe and make for some interesting (sometimes even scary!) storylines.

Plus, they’re just plain cool!

18. Entropy Desert Accessories Set by SM Sims

sims 4 accessories set cc

This content pack is loaded with unique accessories to make your Sims pop.

You get a face mask, lace cuffs, and crucifix earrings—all with a desert theme for a fresh look.

I personally think that the face mask CC is the highlight of this set, adding a mysterious vibe to your Sim’s outfit. It comes in two versions and totally worth adding to your mods folder!

19. Little Bibs Sims 4 Accessories CC by TPLP

sims 4 bibs cc

The Little Bibs set is super cute! These bibs come in different colors, perfect for dressing up your Sim infants for mealtime or playtime.

I love the sweet patterns, especially the one with the fox 😍

And if you like this CC, check out the creator’s download page. And don’t miss out on my favorite CC pieces for infants here: 35 New Sims 4 Infant CC to Melt Hearts (Cutest Clothes, Shoes & Accessories).

20. Silk Scarf Sims 4 Accessories CC by Jius

sims 4 silk scarf cc

Jius made this classy silk scarf in eight different colors.

It’s a versatile Sims 4 accessory you can use for everyday or party outfits. Your Sims can rock it at the park or a fancy gala. Personally, I love using it for my Sims’ specific professions (I just see it as a part of a stewardess uniform!) or just whenever I want to add French chic to the outfit.

Also, this Sims 4 accessory cc is base game compatible!

21. DBH Civilian Scarf Sims 4 Accessories CC by PlayersWonderland

sims 4 scarf cc

This beautiful and cozy civilian scarf comes in six different colors.

This scarf is a staple in my game – it adds sophistication to any outfit, whether it’s for work or a night out.

This Sims 4 scarf looks super real! It’s got amazing volume, softness, and coziness!

22. Clarity Rings Sims 4 Accessories CC by MellouwSim

sims 4 accessory cc rings

This Sims 4 rings CC comes with 20 swatches in gold and silver, perfect for any outfit or mood.

The rings are super detailed and look just like they come from real life. Just a heads-up, though, they aren’t HQ-compatible!

23. Unisex Glasses Sims 4 Accessories CC by Injew

sims 4 unisex glasses cc

I spent forever picking the perfect pair of glasses for this list and finally decided to go with these amazing ones! (To see all the best Sims 4 glasses cc I had to choose from, check out this post: 35+ Top Sims 4 Glasses CC That’ll Make Your Sims’ Eyes Sparkle!).

These Sims 4 glasses CC are a must-have! The pack includes ‘MAY’ glasses in three versions, with or without a chain, and 11 swatches to match any outfit.

These glasses add so much personality to my Sims, whether they’re bookworms, fashionistas, or just need glasses for everyday stuff.

24. Sims 4 Accessory Bandana CC by Lumialoversims

sims 4 bandana cc

If you want to add some edge to your Sims characters, this accessory bandana CC is a must-have.

It works for both male and female Sims.

These bandanas have a simple design that adds a cool, urban vibe to any outfit. Perfect for rockstars, rebels, or anyone who loves a good bandana!

This Sims 4 bandana CC comes in 8 colors, including classic black and two camo patterns.

And if you want more inspiration for creating the perfect Sims 4 urban outfit, you will find it all here: 33+ Best Sims 4 Urban CC for Your Sims Transformation.

25. Kickflip Backpack Sims 4 Accessories CC by Xion

sims 4 backpack cc maxis match

The Kickflip Backpack CC is super cool and adds urban flair to your male Sims‘ outfits. It looks just like a real skateboard backpack with straps and buckles.

This Sims 4 backpack CC comes in 16 swatches, so you can match it with any outfit.

26. Idol Mic Sims 4 Accessories CC by Tabae

sims 4 accessory mic cc

This Sims 4 microphone CC is perfect for any Sim dreaming of stardom. It comes in 5 colors to match any outfit or mood.

The Idol Mic looks like a real stage mic and adds realism to your game, especially if your Sim is into music or entertainment.

27. Resurrection Gloves Sims 4 Accessories CC by EvellSims

sims 4 accessory cc gloves

These gloves by EvellSims add an edgy style to your Sim’s wardrobe. They’re perfect for a punk or goth vibe!

They come in both feminine and masculine versions, so any Sim from teen to elder can wear them. There are 20 colors to choose from.

I haven’t tried them myself yet, but I’ve heard great things about them from other players. Just know this Sims 4 gloves CC is pretty specific in style, so it might not be for everyone 😉

28. Bear Hat Sims 4 Accessories CC by Pyx

sims 4 bear hat cc

The Bear Hat is just what it sounds like—a hat that looks like a bear’s head. It’s perfect for playful Sims or anyone who loves a fun touch in their outfits.

This Sims 4 hat CC is super cute, with a scarf and ears sticking out. It comes in 15 colors and is unisex.

29. Chupa Chups Straw Sims 4 Accessory CC by Adelar Sims

sims 4 accessories cc chupa chups

OMG, this chupa chups straw accessory by Adelar Sims gives off major 90s vibes! It’s so playful and fun!

30. Sunglasses Sims 4 Accessories CC by Vyxen

sims 4 sunglasses cc

Variety is the spice of life, and this Sims 4 sunglasses CC brings to my game just that! There are five versions, including two Chanel designs (one vintage), so there’s something for every stylish Sim.

What’s really cool is these glasses are actually transparent in the game, making them super realistic.

Big shoutout to Vyxen for nailing the design and fitting it perfectly into the game’s style! 🧡

31. Hijab Collection Sims 4 Accessories CC by Marsmerizingsims

sims 4 hijab cc

This collection is a game-changer for Sims 4 accessories, bringing inclusivity. Such packs are real pearls among Sims 4 custom content, I appreciate so much all the diversity and realism they add to the game 🧡

You’ll find ten unique hijab designs in this pack, from modern to classic styles. They’re all truly gorgeous!

Whether your Sim likes a sporty look or something traditional, there’s something here for them.

32. Half Ski Mask Sims 4 Accessories CC by OranosTR

sims 4 ski mask

This half-ski mask is a cool addition to your Sim’s wardrobe, available in 12 colors. It works with hats but might not fit well with bracelets and rings.

Personally, I think it’s a fun way to add some edge to your Sim’s look, whether they’re hitting the slopes or just want to stand out!

Phew! We’ve explored the awesome world of Sims 4 accessories CC for everyone—guys, girls, and kid Sims, too!

We’ve checked out trendy piercings, chic glasses, and dazzling rings. It’s like the ultimate shopping spree from the couch!

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite accessories mods, have they made it to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Let’s keep this virtual fashion show going on 💜

This post was all about the best Sims 4 accessories cc.

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